Answers Module 18 Unit 3

Hi Team

I am having so much trouble getting the correct answer for this below multiple choice. I have read through the unit and thought that all of those options would be possible but am apparently incorrect. I have tried multiple combinations now and want to make sure this isn’t a bug. Any guidance would be much apprtiated!

Thank you! W

What components can you edit with the Answers Overlay Snippet? Select all that apply.

Prompts displayed in the panel

Color of the button

Searchability of fields

Design of cards

Logo at the top of the panel

Hi Wilhelmina,

Thanks for reaching out. Happy to help here – the overlay is an integration option and you can control components of the panel itself (i.e. items in the panel including the color of buttons in the panel) with the Answers Overlay Snippet. The snippet can not edit components of the Search results page – consider which two correspond to Search results and not the panel.

Hope that helps guide you toward the answers!

Let us know if you have any questions.