Page Icons Commented Out (October '21 Release)

Page icons will now be commented out by default. These show on universal search for that particular vertical.

Admins can add and customize the page icon by commenting in the icon property in the verticalsToConfig object in the config.json file for each vertical they want to customize.

"verticalsToConfig": {
    "<REPLACE ME>": { // The vertical key from your search configuration
      // "label": "", // The name of the vertical in the section header and the navigation bar
      // "verticalLimit": 15, // The result count limit for vertical search
      // "universalLimit": 5, // The result count limit for universal search
      "cardType": "standard", // The name of the card to use - e.g. accordion, location, customcard 
      // "icon": "star", // The icon to use on the card for this vertical
      "universalSectionTemplate": "standard"

Upgrade Implications: New verticals added to your experience will not have icons by default. If you would like to add icons, comment in the icon property.