Answers UI and Theme 1.20 Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

In addition to a lot of great new features, Answers Hitchhiker Theme 1.20 and Answers UI SDK 1.8 include a series of minor improvements and bug fixes! :bug:

Remove Default Star Icon :star_struck:

You asked, we listened! If you don’t want to include an icon with your vertical headers in Universal Search, you can now omit that property in your vertical configuration. Previously, if no icon was explicitly provided, we would fallback on the ‘star’ icon so if you are taking advantage of that fallback behavior and want to keep the star, make sure to include "icon": "star" in your verticalsToConfig if you’re using the Theme or in verticalPages if you’re using the SDK directly.

Curious about what icons are available? Check out this post.

Null checks for CTAs :zero:

We’ve made sure to add additional null checking for the CTAs in the accordion card.

Hide Footer in Collapsible Filters :foot:

Previously, if you added a footer (using layouts/footer.hbs), it would not be concealed when collapsible filters were expanded. This has been fixed.

Financial Professional Location Template Misspelling :business_suit_levitating:

There was a misspelling in the Financial Professional Location card that has been corrected, so the card no longer throws an error.

CTA Link Types for International Sites :world_map:

For international sites, non-URL link types were not displayed correctly (brought to our attention here). This is now fixed.

Small Logo :baby_chick:

In theme 1.19, on mobile, the Yext logo in the searchbar was a little small. We’ve updated this so on mobile it remains a normal size.

Price Formatter :money_with_wings:

When price is entered in the KG, we were previously rounding to an incorrect value. This has been corrected.

:spiral_calendar: These fixes are available in Early Access. Here’s how to use the Early Access branches of the Theme and SDK!