Pages module 1 unit 3 - Failed to create initial commit

Running into the attached error after step 3, naming my Pages repo.

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Hi Zoe - thanks for the question!

It looks like git is not correctly set up on your machine. I would recommend two things:

  1. First update git to the most recent version by following directions here
  2. The error message about failing to make the initial commit likely means your local git configuration isn’t correct. This StackOverflow post has directions on how to set it up correctly

You can also try running the following two commands (as detailed in the SO post above)

git config --global ""
git config --global "Your Name"

Let me know if this works and happy coding!

Working now, thank you!

Hey @Andrew_Sanchez I’m running into same error message and followed the steps above. Not sure what I’m missing here:

@Jillian_Mazziotti Have you been able to update your git version? If that doesn’t work, would you be able to send the logs file that is specified in the terminal located at /Users/jmazzioti/.yext/logs/yext.log?

Thanks and best,

Hi @Andrew_Sanchez I am having the same issue screenshotted above

Here is a screenshot from my terminal logs