Pages Module 6 Assessment color error

Hi, when I attempt to change the Text Block color in step 6 to a custom color, my screen goes white and I am unable to move forward.
Also I am getting an error on the Banner Image but have retraced my steps and not finding an error.

Any help appreciated, thanks! Hitchhikers

Hey Andrew,

Thanks for letting us know! Looks like two issues happening here - I am getting the same error as you describe when I try to change the background color in the Text Block module, so I’ll look into that with my team. For the issue with the banner image, it looks like we just need to update the challenge validation rules on the backend to look for the correct image URL.

I’ll keep you posted here and let you know when you can resubmit the challenge - in the meantime I extended the expiration on your challenge account until the end of the month so you won’t lose progress.

Thanks again!

Hi Katja - can you please extend for me as well? Thank you!

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Hey @Zoe_Brownstone and @Andrew_Harris - the issue with the background color picker should be fixed, still working on the banner image!

To go in and change the color you’ll first probably need to clear your cache - you can do this in Yext under Account Settings > Personal Settings > click the clear cache button in the upper right. Once you do this you should be able to use the color picker properly.

Will keep you updated here with progress on the banner image issue as well!

Hey Katja, this worked! Thank you!

Hey Katja - do you know when that image URL for the banner image will be corrected? I am still failing

Hey @Andrew_Harris, we have an internal support request open for it now, just waiting on a solution. We will keep you posted here!

@Zoe_Brownstone @Andrew_Harris - closing the loop here!

The issue with the background image preventing you from passing the challenge should now be resolved. Thanks so much for your patience and let us know if you have any other questions!