Pages Unit 1 module 3 - error with npm run dev

Hi Andrew,

I’m now running into the error below:


Hi Zoe - Thanks for the question.

I think you are using an unsupported version of node. Pages currently supports Node 17 as of 16 March 2023. For future reference this doc will be updated with compatible versions as they become available.

I recommend you install Node 17 using nvm. If you have nvm installed, you can simple run

nvm install 17

Then check that you have updated your Node version by running

node -v.

If you don’t have nvm installed, please install it first by following directions here and then you’ll be able to run the commands above.

You should be able to proceed with the unit after doing this!

Thanks and happy coding,

Hi Andrew,

I installed Node 17 and am now getting this error:

Thank you,

Hey Zoe,

Optional: Just to make sure that I’m I’m in correct directory I’ll do a ls in my terminal . If I’m able to see turtlehead-tacos-pages in the list, proceed. If the folder is on desktop I’ll do a cd Desktop or if it’s in downloads, I’ll do a cd Downloads and proceed.

You first need to change directory by running the cd turtlehead-tacos-pages command and then once you are in the directory do a npm run dev.

Hi Rakesh,

Thanks for the reply. I ran ls and can see turtlehead-tacos-pages, I am now back to getting the original error I posted about:

Hi Zoe,

Did you install node with nvm or through a different method? Depending on your machine’s architecture, it is possible that you need to install node with nvm for this fix to apply.