Remove {Outline: none;}

A client has asked me to remove outline: none; for focus{outline: none:} as it brought their accessibility score down. I am not sure where I can find this or how to remove it from the CSS.

A client has brought up a similar issue where their website is flagged for not having a visible focus indicator on all pages, something that’s being caused from the code within the Yext CSS file (answers.css). They’ve asked if we can remove or change the
outline: none;}
line from the code. What’s the best way to resolve this/where could we go to remove it from the CSS? Thank you!

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Hi Brian and Lily,

We fixed this bug in v1.6 of the SDK, which you can read about in this post. To incorporate this fix into your Answers experience, the client will need to update the version in their search bar integration (instructions here). Upgrading to the latest version possible will allow you to take advantage of the latest features.

You can find what version the search bar is currently using by inspecting the HTML of the page the search bar exists on and searching for “answers” to locate the search bar, like so: