Rich Text - Bold Text Not Being Formatted

Hi All,

My client uses a rich text field on their product prominent image card. I’ve added in rich text formatting, but the bold text is not being displayed on the experience. Any text that is italicized or underlined is displayed, though.

details: profile.shortDescription ? ANSWERS.formatRichText(profile.shortDescription, ‘shortDescription’, linkTarget) : null,

I have also tried editing the answers.scss as follows:


Hi Madi,

Thanks for your submission. I checked your configuration, and rich text is set up as it’s described here. Additionally, your answers.scss hotfix should work according to this post - I would confirm with someone who’s more knowledgable about which fonts we support normal and light text styling for, but the custom fonts you’re using might be impacting that, in case you wanted to get a fix up temporarily.

I would submit a techops to have engineering take a look at it! Let me know if there’s anything else I can do.