SDK/Theme Update - Bug Fixes

With Theme 1.17.0 and SDK 1.7.0 we released a series of bug fixes :bug::bug::bug::bug:

Width of Search Bar in Vertical with Map

The search bar on the location-standard layout was previously missing left/right padding in mobile. This has been fixed so it matches other verticals.

Upgrade Implications:

The Searchbar in Vertical Maps Layout was previously
<div class="Answers-searchBar js-answersSearchBar" id="js-answersSearchBar"></div>.
We’ve updated it to <div class="Answers-search js-answersSearch" id="js-answersSearchBar"></div> to get the right styling. If you were previously targeting any of the old classes (Answers-searchBar js-answersSearchBar) or the old id (#js-answersSearchBar), in your theme, you will need to update said references.

Collapsible Filters - View Results Button Now Sticky in Iframe

When adding Collapsible filters for iframe integrations, the view results button will now be sticky by default for maps.

Collapsible Filters - Right Padding of View Results Button

Previously the left and right padding of the view results button was in equal. It is now .5rem on each side.

Aria Hidden Elements in FAQs are no Longer focusable

Previously, when you tabbed through an experience, links within FAQs would be focused (even though they are not visible). This is no longer the case, making the experience more accessible.

Pagination No Longer Has Top Margin When It’s Empty

Pagination previously had top margin when it was not shown; this has been removed.

Filter boxes now have a white background

All filters (static filters, sorting, facets) have a white background, instead of being transparent or grey.

Only Render Necessary Pagination

Previously, we’d render all pages in the pagination component, causing a lag on page speed. We now will only render the pagination you can see, improving page speed on larger results sets.

Updated Yext Logo

The footer yext logo used to include a copyright symbol. It no longer has the copyright symbol.

Upgrade Implications: If you previously forked your yext-logo.hbs or static/assets/images/yext-logo, you won’t get this update.

Fixed Issue with Google Maps on Mobile in Get Directions Formatter

For users with the Google Maps app, if you clicked a “get directions” link, we’d correctly open the Google Maps, but it would trigger a malformed search.

We introduced a fix in the Get Directions Formatter to correctly handle users with the Google Maps app.

Added Sort Options Focus State

Added a focus state to Sort Options to match similar behavior on Filters and Facets. This improves the accessibility of the experience.

Update Non-Internationalized Cards to Use toLocalizedDistance

Updated non-internationalized cards to use the new toLocalizedDistance Formatter instead of toMiles. That way, if your are using the english cards for profiles that require the metric system (like en_GB), you’ll see the correct formatting.

Upgrade Implications: If you have not forked your cards, you’ll use the new toLocalizedDistance formatter, but this will yield the same results as the toMiles formatter for english locales.

UI Fix for the location-standard card on Internet Explorer

On IE11, location standard cards with long bodies would overflow the card container. We introduced a styling to fix (.HitchhikerLocationStandard-infoWrapper {width: 100%;}), so that the card body always remains within the card.

Provide queryString to onVerticalSearch correctly

Previously, the queryString param in the onVerticalSearch hook was null for queries initiated by paginating and filter updates. This has been corrected in v1.7 of the SDK.

Upgrade Implications: None; if you were relying on the null value for the onVerticalSearch hook previously, you’ll need to update your logic.

Fixed Image Formatter Max Width

Made changes to the Image Formatter to respect a max width argument and improve expected outcome when using the Formatter. This helps page speed by picking the correct image size.

Recognize URI Schemes like tel: and mailto: as absolute units

Updated CTA Formatter to recognize tel: and mailto: links correctly.

Added Sourcemaps to SDK

We’ve added sourcemaps to this version of the SDK, so it’s easier to see SDK errors in the console.

Eliminated Parser Blocking JS in Theme

Changed parser behavior to defer all JS snippets for page speed improvements.