SDK/Theme Update - New Clickable Product Card and Product Card Updates

With the launch of the product entity, we’ve updated our product cards in Answers.

New Clickable Product Card

We added a new card type, which is a fully clickable product card. This card uses the new product entity by default. Note that the entire card is clickable, which means you cannot use links (including from rich text) in the description on the card.

Clickable Product Card

To use it, set your cardType to product-prominentimage-clickable in verticalsToConfig.

Updates to Existing Product Cards

The current product cards in the HH theme (product-standard & product-prominentimage) have been updated to align with our new product entity. This includes adding price and rich text formatting for the details section of the product card.

If you did not fork your card and were using product-standard or product-prominentimage, you should fork beforehand to keep your cards as-is, or use the new product entity and use the updated cards.