Setting Language Profile for Data Connectors

Is there a way to set the language profile on data imported into the KG through a data connector? I’m currently trying to import data from our french blog but the data connector sets the language profile to our Primary Language Profile (English) by default

Hey Paige,

Currently data connectors use the Account’s Primary Language as the Profile Language for each new entity created. If you are looking to use a different Profile Language, you can update the Primary Language for your entities after they are created (either one at a time or in bulk!). However, we are adding support to specify the Profile Language in connectors in an upcoming release! Be on the lookout in the coming months!

For us the notion that you can’t load multi-language content via a Connector is a non-starter. Has this update been rolled out, yet?

Hi Chick,

Yes, it has! Connectors Support for Multi-Language Profiles was rolled out in our most recent release. You can view more details on this feature in the Connectors Support for Multi-Language Profiles community post.

Let us know if you have any additional questions.

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