Solution Templates Assessment Error

When installing the Food Solution template it was initially successful and was added to the environment but my challenge failed. So I tried to do it again and I am now getting a large number of errors.

Errors Examples;
(Row: 0 Col: 0) Module 'Page X' in Page Set 'X template had invalid version number: X. Page set will be initialized with latest module version X.

Please can you help me see where I am going wrong or if there is a bug in the system?

Path: Solution Templates and the Admin Console > Module 1 > Module Assessment
Temp Challenge Account: 3180060
Failed Challenge:


Hi Yuliya,

We recently made a change to the Solution Templates and I’m working on updating the grading rule to match. Please hold off on this challenge for now and I’ll let you know when you are able to re-submit.


The grading rule has been updated! I’ve also gone ahead and checked your account and it’s passing the rule. You can go ahead and submit the challenge.

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Ahh awesome, thank you, Kirsty. That has fixed it and I was able to successfully submit my assessment.