Theme Update - Bug Fixes (Fall '20 Release)

The following bugs were fixed in theme 1.16 :bug:

Don’t display sort options border on no results

In the case of no results, we no longer display the bottom sort options border (since sort options are hidden by default).

Upgrade Implications: None; this was added a part of answers.scss


We corrected a bug where the “Vertical view all” in the universal section template was not firing.

Upgrade Implications: If you shadowed any of the universal section templates, you won’t get this fix. We’d recommend refreshing your copied file.

Imported stylesheets now load in the head

Any imported stylesheets will now load in the head of the page instead of the body, as per best practice. (Under the hood, we moved the style sheets from core.hbs to html.hbs).

Upgrade Implications: If you overrode either your core.hbs or your html.hbs, stylesheets may load twice.

We’d recommend refreshing both your core.hbs and html.hbs to get the latest versions (so style sheets will load in the correct place and just once).

Update Grunt Watch

Previously, if you made changes to files in certain directories (like script or directanswercards), you would have to commit your code for live preview to update. We’ve updated our watch task to listen to more directories, so the commit will no longer be necessary to see the changes in live preview.

Upgrade Implications: None; you’ll get the new gruntfile by default when you upgrade your site.

Fix distance layout

Displayed distance on the professional-location card is now correctly in the top right of the card. This will also apply for the newly released financial-professional-location card!

Upgrade Implications: If this card was forked to have custom JS written in to reformat distance, the original card will now work.