Theme v1.28 (February '22 Release)

We are excited to announce our Answers Hitchhikers Theme 1.28!


With the new Answers Hitchhikers Theme 1.28, we’ve added a new multi-lang document search card, bug fixes, and more.

You can find the full list of features and bug fixes below, with additional details available in their linked Community posts.

New Features:

UI Updates:

Bug Fixes:

Looking to upgrade to this version? It is very important to read the following section for instructions and upgrade considerations.

To learn more about how to do a theme upgrade, check out the Upgrading Your Experience Theme and SDK module.

Upgrade Call Outs

We recommend reading the details within each update item post to understand this theme’s upgrade considerations. Implications—namely re-forking certain files or cards—will only apply for the following updates:

Multi-lang Doc Search Card

After upgrading to Theme 1.28, navigate to the config.json file of your chosen vertical, and update the cardType to multilang-documentsearch-standard .

Configure Map Scrolling on Universal

If you are using a map on universal search, you should delete and re-add the page. Alternatively, you can copy scrollZoom in the providerOptions into the config.json file for any vertical where you use a map on the universal page.

If you forked templates/universal-standard/script/universalresults.hbs, you will need to refork or update based on changes in this PR, Stop default universal map scrolling (#1030) · yext/answers-hitchhiker-theme@92290c8 · GitHub.

Update universalSectionTemplate for Vertical Grid Pages

The new default "universalSectionTemplate": "grid-three-columns" will only be applied to net-new vertical-grid pages you add after you upgrade your theme. Feel free to customize this default or change the universalSectionTemplate property to this suggested default on existing pages.

Additionally, if you forked templates/vertical-grid/page-config.json , you will need to refresh the file to get this update for future vertical-grid pages.

Jambo Card Issue with Name Replacement

If you previously forked a card and included the original card name in the new card name, check that the class name in the card component.js file is named properly. If not, re-fork the card after upgrading your theme. Additionally, if you forked files in the commands folder, you will need to update them based on this commit:
Fix jambo add card command (#1036) · yext/answers-hitchhiker-theme@10c516d · GitHub.

Close Autocomplete on Clicks Outside of iFrame

If you’ve forked:

  • static/js/iframe-common.js
  • layouts/html.hbs

You will need to refork these files, or view the PR for the changes made and copy changes to your files, close autocomplete on click in parent window by yen-tt · Pull Request #1034 · yext/answers-hitchhiker-theme · GitHub.

Events Card Missing RTF Styling

If you forked ​​static/scss/answers/cards/event-standard.scss, you should refork, or see the PR for changes: Add missing rtf styling in components by yen-tt · Pull Request #1037 · yext/answers-hitchhiker-theme · GitHub.