Configure Map Scrolling on Universal (February '22 Release)

We’ve encountered an undesirable UX on the universal page where a user can sometimes get caught in the map while scrolling down the page. We’ve turned the map scrolling off by default on the Universal Page for Mapbox: scrollZoom in the providerOptions is set to false. If you set providerOptions.scrollZoom to true in your config.json, users will be able to scroll in the map. Remember that anything in providerOptions is just a pass through to the map provider.

Upgrade Implications:

If you are using a map on universal search, you should delete and re-add the page. Alternatively, you can copy scrollZoom in the providerOptions into the config.json file for any vertical where you use a map on the universal page.

If you forked templates/universal-standard/script/universalresults.hbs, you will need to refork or update based on changes in this PR, Stop default universal map scrolling (#1030) · yext/answers-hitchhiker-theme@92290c8 · GitHub.