Tracking Answers Traffic Across Domains via Google Analytics

Hi team,

@Quentin_Vinesse and my client is trying to use Google Analytic’s built-in Linker functionality to easily track traffic across their main domain ( to their Answers subdomain (

They’re following the guidance from this article: Linker  |  Analytics for Web (analytics.js)  |  Google Developers

They’ve set up the destination domain as the Answers subdomain. The linker is typically able to scan the webpage to capture outbound links fitting this criteria, but it seems unable to capture the outbound redirectUrl & add the parameters accordingly.

Is there a good way to configure the integration such that the GA parameters are passed through successfully?


Hey Amani,

Just double checking that useAnchor is false and decorateForm is true?

If so, my hunch is that this might not work – given that the search bar form is added via JS, it might not be caught by the linker, and that it’s more designed for static links. (I’ve been unable to officially corroborate this looking at other resources on the web, but just a suspicion.)

We have an item on our roadmap to add query params as a config option to the SearchBar, which might enable them to add different params via custom JS.