Two-Way Relationships across 3+ Entity Types

Hi community,

I’m in the process of building a Knowledge Graph and I want to take advantage of the super cool new two-way relationship feature. I have three entity types in my Knowledge Graph, and I’ve run into a road block I’d love to hear your thoughts on.

I have Locations , Services and People entities in my KG. I want to be able to link Locations to Services and People (in separate fields), People to Services and Locations, and so on.

I have started configuring Entity List-type distinct fields to support the following scenario: Location 1 has Linked Services (Service 1, Service 2, etc.).

This works fine so far, but when I try to replicate that for my People entity type, I’m unable to add a two-way relationship field containing a reference field with the same name (Linked Services). I’ve tried using the admin console as well as the platform UI.

It appears that a reference field (e.g. c_linkedServices) can only be part of one two-way relationship. Is that the case? Let me know if I’m overlooking something. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hey Max,

I too had the same question a few weeks ago and can confirm that currently the same field cannot be used in more than one Two-Way Distinct Field Entity Relationship.

With the context you’ve provided, I think the best way to proceed for your particular case would probably be to set up 3 Two-Way Shared Field Entity Relationships. These would be:
Linked Services-Locations
Linked Services-People
Linked Locations-People


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Hey @Stanley_Ho,

Thanks for confirming as well as offering your alternative approach.