Knowledge Graph Final Challenge - Associated FAQs Field Type

  • Associated FAQs , c_associatedFAQs , Entity List, limited to just FAQs

Since there is no field type “Entity List”, does this mean I create a custom field type “Entity List” and create the “Associated FAQs” field?
If that’s the case, how would the custom field type be configured?

I’ve tried multiple patterns and both do not work:

  1. “Associated FAQs” field type “one way Entity Relationship” with validation destination entity as “FAQ”
  2. “Associated FAQs” custom field type “Entity List” with subfield “FAQ” with field type “one way Entity Relationship” and validation destination entity as “FAQ”

What exactly does “Entity List, limited to just FAQs” mean?

Hey Luke,

This process changed with the spring release update for two way relationships (see post).

So you should be using Entity Relationship set to One Way relationship type. The validation should be “FAQs” as you mentioned in the first option. That is what is meant by “limited to just FAQs".

I would just make sure that you are adding this custom field to the Jobs entity type under job details as well as that could be causing the rule not to pass.

Let me know if this works for you. I will also update the instructions and make sure the wording is clear. Thank you for catching those issues!

Thanks Micaela,
I don’t know what I did differently, but it passed this time!
It may be due to the cache with the wrong custom field.
Regardless, thanks for you help!