Update a field in multiple entities in real-time

Hi there,
We would like to build a custom geocoder plugin that users can install on Yext and convert the coordinates of a specific address field into our custom address code.
We would like to know in case an address field has been modified for many stores, our plugin should be able to update all these addresses at once without any delays. We are considering using a rate limit of 100k requests per hour for any updates. The concern here is how many addresses we would be updating per hour? What is an average size of the addresses to be updated?

thanks a lot,

Hi Manuela,

Thanks for reaching out. The size of the update wouldn’t impact the quota. However, just to clarify your ask here – by “size of update”, are you asking how many addresses could possibly change in an account? That could vary widely depending on the account. Or are you asking about a bulk update endpoint?