Uploading Holiday Hours & What formats are accepted from Excel?

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Was wondering what was the quickest/best way to go about uploading Holiday Hours & what are the different formats I can use in Excel to upload these hours?

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It’s important to make sure your customers know whether you’ll be open, closed, or have special hours on holidays – you can do this in Yext using Holiday Hours. These are days where stakes are higher for your consumers and it’s not when you want to cause confusion or frustration. You can easily manage your holiday hours in Yext by setting hours for specific dates as:

  • Closed
  • Open at custom hours, 24 hours, or split hours
  • Regular Hours for that day of week (e.g., you are reaffirming that the holiday is not impacting your business hours)

There are a few different ways you can manage your holiday hours:

1. Entity Edit - you can single or bulk edit the holiday hours field to update for your locations.
2. Bulk Upload - We have a special uploader for Holiday hours (more on this below)
3. Knowledge Assistant - Register for Knowledge Assistant and set yourself as the primary contact for the location to be nudged before major holidays for the entity’s country to update your hours. You can learn more about Knowledge Assistant in the Knowledge Assistant Track.

To Bulk Edit, you’ll want to make the change like any other field change. Here’s a quick video:2021-01-01_15-14-51 (1)

To Bulk Upload Holiday Hours, you’ll want to:

  1. Navigate to Entity Search
  2. Click on “More Actions” > “Upload Holiday Hours”
  3. Pick your Upload Format (see details below)
  4. Prepare your upload spreadsheet according to the format you choose. Remember that the file must be a csv. We recommend downloading a template to get started.
  5. Select the file and click “Continue”
  6. Follow the steps and confirm your file upload

File Formatting

You have two file formats to choose from:

  • Days in Columns - In this horizontal-format, each row represents all of the holiday hours for a given entity, with the Holiday date as Column Headers. This is best if you have the same set of holidays for all entities in the file.

  • Days in Rows - in this vertical-format, each row represents one entity’s hours for one holiday. If you have multiple days for an entity, the entity will be repeated for as many rows as there are dates. This format works best if you have a mix of dates for your entities.

Again, we highly recommend downloading a template from the upload page to get familiar with how to format your file.

Important Things to Keep in Mind:

  • The file must be in CSV format (*.csv).
  • A Yext ID or Entity ID must be provided for each row.
  • Each location can only have one set of holiday hours for a given day.
  • All dates must be in the future.
  • If a cell is blank, we will use the current hours for the day of the week the holiday is on. Basically, you are reaffirming that you are “open as usual” on that day.
  • Acceptable time formats include: 5:00pm, 5:00 PM, 05:00pm, 17:00, 1700, Closed.

What about Drive Thru hours? I uploaded the holiday hours but it still shows drive through is open

Hey Bradley,

We answered this question in the Hitchhikers Office Hours recently. You can review the video on how to update regular, drive thru, and holiday hours here!