Set Holiday Hours for Thanksgiving

With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up next week in the US, be sure to explicitly set “Holiday Hours,” in your Knowledge Graph for each business location.

Google will display one of two different messages to users when Thanksgiving (or any holiday) is within a week:

  • “Thanksgiving Day may affect these hours”
  • “Holiday Hours”
    • This message confirms to users and Google that the hours displayed on a holiday are coming directly from your business.

We recommend that you confirm your hours for your customers’ sake by explicitly stating “Holiday Hours,” even if those hours are the same as your regular business hours. Google has stated: “if a profile doesn’t provide special hours for [holidays], users on Maps and Search will be warned that the profile’s hours may differ on these holidays.”

Benefits of Updating Holiday Hours

  • Google will have more confidence in your brand’s listings
  • Consumers will feel more confident choosing your business over another business that did not update their holiday hours
  • If you are changing your hours or closing completely, you can avoid customer frustration or disappointment by setting these expectations in advance.
  • Your business is more likely to appear in “Discovery” based search results with “open now” in the query
    • Ex. “Clothing store near me open now”

Check out this blog post to learn more about the importance of setting holiday hours.

How to Update Holiday Hours in Yext

  • Navigate to your Knowledge Graph
  • Select entities to update
  • Navigate to Hours (Holiday Hours)
  • Click the calendar icon to specify each date that you want to set or confirm specific holiday hours
  • Use the drop down to set the corresponding hours for each date
  • If your hours are not changing on a major holiday:
    • Please select “Regular Hours”
    • If Regular Hours are not selected, a vague warning message will appear on your listings that hours may differ due to holiday
  • Click Save

For more help with setting holiday hours, check out this help article. To find a full list of the holidays Google recognizes in each country or region, check here.