Voice Search on Chrome (iPhone)

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Our partner is facing an error dialog on Chrome when they tap voice search icon in the Answers bar as follows, is there any way to enable voice search on Chrome running on iPhone (tested on iOS 15)?

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Hi YY,

Per their docs, Using the Web Speech API - Web APIs | MDN

Support for Web Speech API speech recognition is currently limited to Chrome for Desktop and Android

So unfortunately we wouldn’t expect it to work on Chrome IOS. That said, the user experience would definitely be improved if we did not show the icon to start, so we’ll work on that update. In the interim i would recommend not showing the icon on a mobile breakpoint, and relying on the mobile browsers native dictation functionality.


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Hi Rose,

To follow-up on this: could you please confirm which browser/device combinations support voice search, aside from Chrome for desktop and Safari? Specifically, a client of mine is wondering which browsers on mobile devices are supported. Thanks!

Hi, could someone please take a look at the above message? I’d like to communicate to a client that has been seeing issues with voice search functionality exactly which browsers/devices are supported. Thanks!

Hi Chris,

Mobile compatibility is listed in this table, Web Speech API - Web APIs | MDN

  • WebView Android
  • Chrome Android
  • Safari on iOS
  • Samsung Internet