Webhook Deploy Notifications (Summer '22 Release)

Pages deploy notifications help users stay up-to-date with their deploy activity from outside the platform.

Yext supports notifications via outgoing webhooks — simply register a webhook URL in the platform in the Notifications page within the Settings of your site, and we will post webhooks to that URL in response to the following deploy events:

  • Deploy Complete - Emitted when Yext finishes uploading a new deploy to our CDN
  • Deploy Published - Emitted when a deploy is published to your production URL
  • Deploy Failure - Emitted when a deploy fails to complete
  • Stream Update Failure - Emitted when a data update to your page fails (only applies to deploys pinned to your staging and production URLs)

Note: You must be on the new Pages architecture to take advantage of Webhook Deploy Notifications. See below for instructions!

Feature Name: Summer '22: Custom Pages Development (early access)

This feature is available now! The timeline below shows how you can use this feature:

  • Early Access of the Summer ‘22 Release
    • This feature is automatically turned on in challenge accounts.
    • You can turn on this feature yourself in playground, developer, and production accounts in Account Settings.
  • General Availability of the Summer ‘22 Release
    • This feature will automatically be turned on for all accounts.

To learn more about custom Pages development, visit the new Pages track.