Content System Limits | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

Account Limits

Object Limit
Entities 10,000,000 entities (limited further by capacity purchased)
Custom fields 1,000 custom fields


Object Limit
List field items 5,000 items
Option field items 2,000 options


Object Limit
Entity profile data 1MB per profile

Bulk Edit

Object Limit (per bulk edit)
List Field Merge View 50 items (union of list fields merged)
Asynchronous Edit Threshold 2,500 entities

Any apply jobs (e.g., bulk edit, template applies, etc.) larger than 2,500 entities will be processed asynchronously through the Entity Jobs backend so that the user does not need to remain on the current screen.
Profile Merge Threshold 10,000 entities
Scheduled Updates 10,000 entities
Suggestions 10,000 entities
Templates 10,000 entities

There is no limit on the total number of entities a template can be applied to.

Template apply jobs larger than 2,500 entities do not support linked accounts in the template.