Use Asset Field Permission | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

Use Asset is a field-level permission. When enabled, the Use Asset permission grants a user the ability to use assets to make updates to fields without having to go through an approvals flow.

A user with this permission is not permitted to add any non-asset content to fields. This includes creating any new content (e.g., the user cannot create a new asset), making changes to an existing asset, or adding any content to a field that is not contained in an asset. If a user with the Use Asset permission attempts to make any of these types of changes, the Save button will disable.

The asset must be compatible with the field type in order to be used (e.g., a text asset could be added to a “Description” field).

On List type and Struct type fields, a user with the Use Asset permission can use assets to make partial updates to the field’s content. On singular field types (i.e., non-struct and non-list fields), a user with the Use Asset permission cannot make partial updates — they can use an asset to overwrite the content of the entire field, or they can delete the entire value of the field.

Below are allowed and disallowed actions by field type for users with the Use Asset permission:

Allowed Actions by Field Type

Singular Field Types (Non-Object, Non-List)


  • Apply an asset to overwrite the content of an entire field
  • Delete a field’s entire value


  • Insert an asset into a field’s pre-existing content



  • Apply an asset for a struct value
  • Apply assets for individual struct properties
  • Delete a struct value
  • Clear individual struct properties


  • Apply a non-asset struct value
  • Apply non-asset individual struct properties



  • Append an asset to the end of a list as a list item
  • Modify a list item with asset content
  • Reorder list items
  • Delete list items
  • Delete a list


  • Add a non-asset item to a list
  • Modify a list item with non-asset content

Use Asset and Request Edit Permissions

Users with both the Use Asset and Request Edit permissions will have the option to apply an asset directly to a field and Save, or to edit a field with non-asset content and request an edit. Users with both these permissions can also apply an asset to a field and request it as an edit instead of saving directly, which will send the update into an approvals flow.