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The Entities Live API is a read-only consumer grade endpoint that fetches entities from the Knowledge Graph. This endpoint is purpose built for high-availability and is meant to power dynamic experiences inside of websites or mobile apps.

Note: The Entities Live API is just for fetching entities in real time. If you want to update entities in the Knowledge Graph check out our Knowledge Graph API.

You can use the Entities Live API to fetch an entity by ID or to pull a filtered list of entities. The Entities Live API supports robust filtering on any field to pull exactly what you are looking for. This API also has a GeoSearch option to get entities near a specific lat/lng or location.

Note: If you want to build a full dynamic search experience like a store locator, site search or find a doctor we recommend using the Answers API.

If you are building a multi-language experience you should use the Language Profiles version of these endpoints. This allows you to specify a specific language profile that you are looking to fetch.

Use Cases
  • Show a list of nearby locations
  • Show a list of products
  • Fetch a specific job