Review Submission Live API | Hitchhikers Platform


The Review Submission Live API allows you to create, update, and remove reviews from a Yext account. The API is intended to allow customers to build out custom experiences to collect Reviews, and supports consumer serving uptime. You could design a custom landing page for any entity which you want to collect First Party Reviews for, or build a custom integration that pulls reviews from a 3rd party API and submits them to an account.

Note: The Review Submission API currently only supports a finite set of publisherIds. To request support for a new Publisher, you can submit a request to the Hitchhiker Ideas board.

These endpoints also support Review Label management, so that you can leverage labels to collect additional feedback in addition to a star rating and review. For example, if the entity being reviewed was an article of clothing, the form could contain a question such as “How was the fit?” with some options to describe the fit. Based on the reviewers selection, the API request would contain a label, such as “Ran Small”, which allows businesses to collect richer feedback about their entities.

Use Cases
  • Build out custom review collection landing pages
  • Build custom 3rd party publisher integrations
  • Allow reviewers who have left a review to update or delete their existing reviews