Review Submission Live API | Hitchhikers Platform


The Review Submission Live API allows clients to submit new First Party Reviews, and update and remove existing First Party Reviews. Using this API, businesses can collect feedback about any entity stored in the Yext Knowledge Graph. This API provides consumer-serving uptime, so you can use it directly within your consumer experiences. The API is intended to allow customers to build out custom experiences to collect First Party Reviews. You could design a custom landing page for any entity which you want to collect First Party Reviews for, or embed the experience in the standard landing page for that entity, so that your consumers can provide reviews on the entity in question.

This endpoint also supports Review Label management, so that you can leverage labels to collect additional feedback in addition to a star rating and review. For example, if the entity being reviewed was an article of clothing, the form could contain a question such as “How was the fit?” with some options to describe the fit. Based on the reviewers selection, the API request would contain a label, such as “Ran Small”, which allows businesses to collect richer feedback about their entities.

Use Cases
  • Build out custom review collection landing pages
  • Allow reviewers who have left a review to update or delete their existing reviews