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Streams API is Yext’s extremely low latency, consumer-grade API intended to be used to fetch content from the Knowledge Graph for publishing in consumer experiences. Streams API is powered by Yext’s data delivery infrastructure known as Streams, which is the same infrastructure that powers Yext Pages, Yext Answers, and Yext Listings. This infrastructure allows users to query data across the Yext Graph, query across entity relationships and even across data sources, for example, to search Reviews using entity data.

Streams API is unique from other APIs in that it is entirely custom; there is no default Streams API which contains some set of data, unlike all other Yext APIs. Rather, a business must supply a Streams API Configuration (via Configuration as Code) in order to initialize a Streams API. When configuring a Streams API, a user must select the primary source of the data, any fields which should be returned, and any fields which should be indexed (searchable) using the List request type.

Use Cases
  • Publish Reviews data (individual reviews or aggregate data) within consumer experiences. Optionally project entity data onto these reviews records in order to query reviews based on entity fields.
  • Query the Yext Knowledge Graph using relationships - for example, searching Healthcare Providers based on information stored on the linked Conditions entity, allowing businesses to search these Providers based on Conditions Treated.
  • Fetch records by ID with extremely low latency; sometimes as low as 6 milliseconds per requests (not including network latency).
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