Developer Function Hooks (Preview Feature) | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

We’ve added Function Hooks as a new tool that enables developers to trigger functions in response to account and profile events.

To take advantage of this features, users must enable the Fall ‘22 Release: Function Hooks (Preview) feature in Account Settings.

Now developers can build powerful, complex apps using event-initiated functions, all hosted and run within Yext, so users do not need worry about managing a server or runtime environment.

Function Hooks are now available as a Preview Feature and can be accessed in the Webhooks UI — in the future, we intend to add a dedicated UI for each Event Hook-type feature.

In order to invoke a function, you must first create a Function in your account. Visit the Get Started with Yext Functions guide for information on setting up your Plugin resource.

To create a Function Hook:

  1. Click Developer Console.
  2. Create an App, or click into an existing app.
  3. Click on the Webhooks tab.
  4. Click + Add a Webhook.
  5. Select the Webhook Type.
  6. Enter the webhook details.
  7. Click on the … or invoke a function link. Invoke Function link
  8. Click on the Select a Function drop-down and select the function you’d like to invoke.
  9. Click Finish and Add.