Introduction | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

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Users of Yext are responsible for processing any consumer data in accordance with applicable data privacy standards. For more information on data processing in Yext, see the Yext Data Processing Agreement .

What is Consumer Auth?

Yext now supports the ability to create websites and search experiences where they can control who sees what content. Using Authentication with Pages and Authorized Search, you can:

  • Create a website that is locked down to only the set of users you want to have access to view
  • Choose which information can appear in search results depending on who executes the search
  • Ingest external documents from sources such as Google Drive or Salesforce and have your search experience respect the permissions of the external source
  • Track every search and conversion on your site dimensioned at the visitor level

The system is designed to offer as much flexibility as possible. If you want to create an authenticated and/or authorized experience, you can choose exactly how you would like your users to authenticate and how to integrate permissions with your search experience.

Before you get started with Authenticated Sites and/or Authorized Search, you’ll want to consider the various options and choose what makes the most sense for business given your current/desired infrastructure. Then, once you understand how you plan to utilize the new security offerings, use the relevant guides to get started.