Step 5: Review Your Configuration

Iterating on Your Configuration

After computing some values, you may notice that the values produced are not perfectly aligned with your desired outputs, or are lacking some information you wished to include. If this is the case, we recommend iterating on the configuration of your Computation Method. Specifically, you should repeat Step 3, and tweak your inputs according to the insights you’ve gleaned.

For example, if you notice that you would like to include some contact information to conclude your content, and you are using a Content Generation based method, you might add additional instructions such as:

Conclude the post with instructions to contact us by calling [[mainPhone]] or emailing [[c_emailAddress]].

Reviewing Suggested Computed Values

As mentioned in Step 2, the default behavior is that the System Controlled setting is false. This means that all automated, ongoing computations will flow through Suggestions in order to ensure that generated content is reviewed and approved by a human.

To review Computed Field Values Suggestions, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Content > Suggestions.
  2. Use the Sources filter to view only Computed Field Values suggestions and click Apply.
  3. Review each Suggestion and optionally modify, assign, approve, or reject the value.