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Automatic Review Response allows businesses to configure automatic replies to reviews based on basic criteria, such as the minimum star rating and whether or not the review includes any content. Using automatic responses for new reviews can be helpful for businesses as it allows them to quickly acknowledge and respond to customer feedback.

This guide walks you through how to set up automatic review responses in your account.

If you are currently using the Automatic Review Response app, this guide also calls out steps needed to migrate into the new, in-platform version of Automatic Review Response in Workflows. We recommend you migrate to the in-platform version to utilize new features, such as support for embedded fields, and updates moving forward. Yext will no longer provide support for the app.

Process Overview

To set up automatic responses for reviews, you’ll create workflow rules that check incoming reviews for specified criteria. If the review is a match, it will automatically get a response with the text asset you specify. If you include multiple text assets, one will be chosen at random for a response. This way, your responses will be diversified and appear more natural.