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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • How duplicates are identified
  • How to review duplicates in the platform
  • How to submit a one-off duplicate
  • What to expect if you have the managed duplicate suppression service

How duplicates are identified

To find potential duplicate listings across the publisher network, Yext uses a process called Scanning. This involves searching a publisher for listings that are the exact same or slightly different than all of the main listings we power. These potential duplicates are called Matches. We then review each potential duplicate through a process called Matching. Each potential duplicate is reviewed to determine if the listing is actually a duplicate of the main listing. True duplicates are suppressed while false positives are left alone.

How to review duplicates in the platform

To review potential duplicate listings in the platform, navigate to the Listings > Duplicate Suppression in the navigation bar. Here you’ll find all of the potential duplicates we have found in our scans.

At the top of the page you will also see some hero numbers that give you an overview of your duplicate listings. Clicking on each hero number will filter the table below and provide more detail about those specific duplicate listings.

listings hero numbers

These hero numbers include:

Possible Duplicates — the total number of possible duplicate listings. This will match the number of duplicates listed in the table below.

Processing Submissions — duplicate listings that we are in the process of suppressing.

Unable to Suppress — duplicate listings that Yext was unable to suppress. If you click on this hero number you can see the list, and the corresponding reasons why. This may be for a few reasons, such as the listing is too different from your location, or because it is an existing Listings customer’s location.

Suppressed — the total number of duplicates that have been suppressed.

Taking action on duplicates

If you believe a listing in this table should be suppressed, click the Suppress button for that listing. Alternatively, if you believe the listing is not a duplicate of your main listing, click Not a Duplicate.

suppress duplicate

We recommend reviewing these one at a time, as sometimes they may not be duplicates. For example, it may be another nearby location that has the same name and same phone number, but a different address. Or it may be the listing for the business that was at the location before you, in which case you would want to update that listing with your information instead of suppress it and create a new one.

How to submit a one-off duplicate

Yext’s Duplicate Suppression tool automatically scans for potential duplicate listings. However, if you identify an unfound listing that you believe to be a duplicate, you can submit it as a candidate for suppression directly from the Duplicate Suppression page. To submit a duplicate for suppression, click on the Submit a Duplicate button. You will select the entity associated with the duplicate listing, the site where the potential duplicate was found, and the URL of the potential duplicate listing.

submit a duplciate

What to expect if you have the managed duplicate suppression service

If you have purchased the Managed Duplicate Suppression service, we will handle both the finding and reviewing of all potential duplicates automatically for you on a quarterly basis. Each quarter, our system automatically scans for potential duplicates across the Knowledge Network. We then review these potential duplicates and suppress those we think are truly duplicates for you. You may receive a report of duplicates we suppressed for you from your CSM.

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