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  • How to launch locations on Google My Business


As we mentioned in a previous unit, Google My Business, Facebook, and Apple all require additional steps for launch that are specific to that publisher and therefore need to be launched individually. Users will submit additional information for these sites and this information will be reviewed by internal teams at Yext to configure the appropriate settings.

How to launch locations on Google My Business

If you have not launched any Listings yet, you can simply click on the Google My Business icon on the Locations sub-tab of Listings.

initiate listings launch

If you have already launched on some sites, click on the Locations sub-tab, then click on the Select Action button and select Request Launch.

request launch dropdown

Once you click Request Launch, click on the Google My Business icon. This will launch the Google My Business Launch form. In the launch form you will include the following information:

  1. Select the entities you would like to launch on Google My Business.
  2. Grant Yext Access to Manage your Location Group.

    • This requires you to take steps in your Google My Business account. For more information on how to do this, see the Grant Yext Access to your Google My Business groups Help article.
    • Once you have taken the necessary steps, select the checkbox to acknowledge that you have completed this process. first steps in GMB launch form
  3. Enter the desired Brand Settings for your Google My Business listings.

    • Enter your Brand Names and Location Group Names, and indicate whether you would like to give Yext access to initiate ownership conflict resolution on your behalf. second steps in GMB launch form
  4. Select your Field Settings.

    • This allows you to enable or disable the syncing of certain fields to Google My Business from the Knowledge Graph. Note that these settings are applied account-wide.
    • For more information on the Sync settings, see the Which Data Sync to Listings module. last steps in GMB launch form

Once you click Request Launch the site will be marked with a green checkmark that says Requested.

gmb launched indicator

A ticket will then be submitted to Yext’s internal teams to review and make sure we have all the necessary information. If additional information is required, Yext will follow up. Otherwise, we will work to push the listings Live.

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