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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • The importance of QA
  • Key things to look for when QAing pages
  • About our QA checklist and process


Once you’ve built your pages, the final steps in the process are to activate and publish your pages. However, before you push any pages live, you want to make sure that you dedicate time to QAing the pages.

QA is extremely important. Pages with issues like slow load times, typos, or broken links lead to a poor customer experience, higher bounce rates, and fewer conversions. Doing QA helps eliminate those issues and ensure that once pages are published they are ready to be seen by consumers, and are optimized for the best customer experience.

Types of QA

QA items will be broken up into a variety of categories, as you want to make sure that everything appears and functions correctly, from load time and browser testing, to data mapping and spell checks. Below is a list of the main categories QA items will fall under, and some of the items to look for in those categories.


  • Are the fields appearing properly based on the mappings?
  • Are there any broken links?
  • Load time issues?
  • Are the pages rendered the same across browsers?


  • Are things properly aligned?
  • Does the design match your branding?


  • Are the fields mapped properly?
  • Are you missing any data?
  • Are the URLs all correct and pointing to the right environment?


  • Any new features you’re realizing you need/want?

QA Process

When QAing Pages it is important to keep track of your QA items in a structured way. That way you have a clear understanding of what you have tested, and then you can create a list of what the issues are, the priority, and can systematically take steps to resolve them.

Prioritization is extremely important during the QA process. Some issues that arise may prevent you from launching pages, whereas some issues may be more aesthetic or stylistic and can be resolved after the launch process. Regardless of what comes up, you want to make sure you have a process in place so you can effectively work through items in their order of priority.

To help us organize and prioritize items during QA we use this document .

This document includes a QA checklist to ensure that we test the same set of things on every page before launch. It also outlines status and classification definitions to ensure that everyone who is performing QA is categorizing and prioritizing items in the same way.

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