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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • The Concept of live preview, staging, and production
  • A definition of each page status


As you get closer to publishing your pages it is important to understand the page statuses, and the concept of staging versus production so you can make and view changes without pushing them live once your pages are published.

Live Preview, Staging, and Production

Live Preview: Live preview is used so that as users edit modules and mappings they can see the changes instantly on the right side of the screen. This makes it easy for users to get the page to look just as they want it. For example, after adding a module, the live preview will update to display the new module.

Staging: Once you click Save the edits in the UI are saved (but are not pushed live). This allows you to share a preview link with the latest changes to share with others, or keep making updates.

Production: When a user clicks “Activate” or “Update” the latest changes are pushed live to your pages.

Pushing to Production

Pages will remain in ‘Draft’ until they are Activated. When a user clicks Activate the pages are pushed to production, and ready to go live on the site. The Activate button will only display if the pages have not yet been configured. This will take you through the process of adding your subdomain, as we outlined in the last module.

After this, the Update button will display when updates are made to a page after it has been activated. Clicking Update will move your updates from ‘staging’ to ‘production’ and will push the updates to your live pages.

Example of Activate and Update button in the Page Builder

Page Statuses in Page Builder

Below is a full list of Page Builder page statuses that you may see as you go through the process of creating and updates pages:

Status Definition
Draft Newly created page that has never been published.
Active All necessary subdomain configurations have been completed. Templates can be active regardless of whether it’s being used by any entities.
Unpublished Changes Changes have been made to an active page, but they have not been published.
Update in Progress An update is in progress but taking longer than usual.
Error Something went wrong and the system is unable to update the page.

Page Status Flow

The diagram below outlines how the page statuses will change, and how the page status moves between ‘Unpublished Pages’ and ‘Active’ as changes are made to live pages, viewed in staging, and then pushed to production.

Diagram of how page statuses can change

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