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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will:

  • Set up your local development environment to build with Pages


Let’s set up your local development environment.

If you already have a Yext account and computer configured for web development using node, Deno, and GitHub, skip to the next unit.

Video Walkthrough

In the video, Andrew explains how to create a Yext Account, which you can do here .

Set Up Dev Dependencies

1. Sign up or Log in to your Yext Account

If you do not have a Yext account, you can sign up for an account here .

2. Install the Yext CLI

You will use this to initialize your site and build it locally. Refer to these  instructions  regarding installation.

3. Install Git

Refer to these instructions regarding Git installation.

4. Create a GitHub Account

If you don’t have a GitHub account, sign up for one here .

5. Install a Code Editor

If you don’t already have a code editor, we recommend downloading  VS Code .

6. Install Node.js and npm

Refer to these  instructions . You can confirm you have both by running the following commands in your CLI:

  • node -v
  • npm -v

You must be on node version 18 or 20 to work with Pages.

There are occasionally issues installing Node on Apple Silicon Macs when using the Node installer. We strongly recommend installing Node using NVM.

7. Install Deno

You will need Deno v1.21.0 or higher installed on your machine for local development. Refer to these instructions .

8. Install GitHub CLI

Refer to these instructions .

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