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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • An overview of the ways to share dashboards
  • How to adjust the audience of a dashboard
  • How to share a dashboard outside of Yext


There are two ways to share dashboards that you create.

The first is to adjust the audience of the dashboard, so that it is visible in the user’s dashboard list in the left sidebar. This is done by adjusting the dashboard’s share settings. This method of sharing is recommended for users who log into the Yext account to view data that is pertinent to them.

The second is by sharing data with users outside of the Yext platform. This is done by extracting the dashboard from Yext either via a PDF, sending it to a user via email, or via a specific share link. This method is intended for sharing the dashboard with people who do not log into the Yext account but will still derive value from the data.

Adjust the Audience for your Dashboard

When creating dashboards you can also determine who should have access to view that specific dashboard. To adjust a dashboard’s share settings:

  1. Hover over the dashboard name in the left sidebar, click the drop-down button and select Share Settings.

share settings 2. Then you can select from one of the following options: share settings modal

Account Dashboards are visible to all users in the account, but will automatically filter the data based on the entities that user has access to.

Shared Dashboards are visible to the specific users or user roles that you indicate.

  • When you select this option you will then select Specific User Roles or Specific Users. Then click into the textbox and enter the first few letters of the user’s name or user role and select from the list that appears.

Personal Dashboards are for your eyes only. These are only visible to you.

  • This can be used while you’re still adjusting your dashboards, or if there are certain metrics that may only be relevant to you.

Share a Dashboard

We already covered how you can configure the share settings to make dashboards visible to different users within the Yext account. However, you can also share these dashboards by extracting the information from Yext and sending the information to relevant parties. There are a few ways you can do this.

To start, you will click on the Export button in the upper-right corner and select one of the following options:

  • Download PDF: This will download a PDF of the dashboard
  • Email: This option allows you to send a one-time email with the dashboard.
  • Share PDF Link: This generates a URL so you can send someone a link to access the dashboard. This URL will update dynamically as you make changes to the dashboard. The receiver of the URL link does not need a Yext account to view the information.
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