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Search is going to really help lighten the load for the Customer Support team at Turtlehead. They want to add the Q&A component to the search experience so that they can figure out what questions the search experience isn’t answering so they can improve the search quality. This will help to keep the support costs down long term.

They want to add the Q&A component to Universal search and FAQ search only.

Your Challenge

  1. Enable the Organization Entity Type

  2. Add a new entity of type organization

    • Entity Name: Turtlehead Tacos
    • Entity ID: organization-1
  3. Add services to the Organization entity to enable it for Q&A. Navigate to Entity Search, select the new organization entity you created and click More Actions > Add Services. Follow the flow to add the First Party Q&A Feature pack to the Organization entity you created.

    • Select “Feature Packs” since the First Party Q&A Feature uses our Feature Pack and not Subscription system and click “Continue”
    • Select “Add Feature Packs” (default selected) and click “Continue”
    • Check off “Q&A” and click “Continue”
    • There are no features to configure for Q&A so click “Continue” on the next screen
    • Review your changes and click “Process Change”
    • Click “Return to Knowledge Graph”

    Here’s a video:

  4. Navigate to Pages > Turtlehead Taco Search > Deploys, go to the Code Editor, and click into the master branch. You should expect this to take a couple minutes to load – in the background, it’s starting up a container for your development.

  5. Click “View Live Preview” to open your preview in a new tab.

  6. You want to add the Q&A Component to the FAQ and Universal search pages. Open up the pages > index.html.hbs AND pages > faqs.html.hbs files and include the script and markup lines for the QASubmission partials. These should be commented out by default. This should include:

    {{> templates/universal-standard/script/qasubmission }}
    {{> templates/universal-standard/markup/qasubmission }}
  7. Now you need to update the settings for these pages. Open up the config > index.json AND config > faqs.json files and include the QASubmission object in ComponentSettings.

    • Add the Entity ID for the entity you just created (organization-1)
    • Add a privacy policy URL of

      "QASubmission": {
      "entityId": "organization-1", 
      "privacyPolicyUrl": ""
  8. Use Live Preview to verify your updates. Once you think it is working as expected, commit your changes.

  9. Monitor the deploy and publish your page in staging.

  10. Run a search and submit a question. Since you’re doing this in our sandbox environment, you won’t receive the emails but you can still see the questions in the platform.

  11. Navigate to Reviews > Q&A in the platform and answer your own question.

Note: if you’re having any issues, make sure that you are completing step 3 and adding the services to the Organization entity.

Module Assessment
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Report Card
Enable the Organization Entity Type
Add the QA Component code to the index.html.hbs file
Add the QA Component code to the faqs.html.hbs file
Update the Universal Search Index config file to add the QA Component
Update the FAQ config file to add the QA Component
Common Issues
Having an issue adding Q&A to the config.json file? expand/collapse module

Here are some things to double check:

  • Make sure the Privacy URL is exactly as specified in the challenge
  • Make sure the entity ID matches the entity ID of the organization entity you created
  • Make sure you the right JSON syntax and look out for any red underlines in your code
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