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  • An overview of Yext Analytics
  • How Yext Analytics can help you track performance in search

Yext Analytics Overview

No matter the journey your customers take to find your brand (and ultimately choose your brand through a click), to effectively understand your performance, you need to measure every interaction.

Yext works to unify these data sources from across the web to bring you a single view of your customer interactions. From integrations with sites in the Publisher Network, to insights from Pages, Search, and Reviews, we are able to pull metrics to help you get an understanding of how consumers engage with your brand on the web.

Yext then gives you flexibility to work with this data so you’re not just looking at numbers, but you can effectively filter, and drill down to understand trends and take meaningful action.

Report Builder

How Can Yext Analytics Help?

As a business, your ultimate goal is for customers to choose your brand. The way customers do that is through a click. Now, whether those clicks are on your brand’s listings, landing pages, or main website, it’s important to track how many clicks you’re generating to understand how successful your brand is in search.

Yext Analytics helps you measure everything, and unifies these data sources so you can get a single view of your customer interactions and effectively answer questions like:

  • How is my brand being found?
  • Which calls to actions are clicked the most?
  • Which entities are driving the most conversions?
  • What types of customer interactions occurred on my Listings or Pages?
  • What are customers searching for on my website?
  • How do I compare to my biggest competitors?
  • Which of my locations have the lowest average review rating?

Cross-Platform Flexibility

With any analytics solution, flexibility is key to collaboration and gaining actionable insights. Yext Analytics provides functionality and visibility for any role or level of detail.

Actionable insights

Access to an insights library with the ability to create custom metrics so you can effectively drill into any metric and focus on the most relevant data-points.

Views for every stakeholder

Dashboards can be customized and purpose-built to appeal to any audience. You can create the same dashboards for everyone in your organization, or customize them based on who’s logging in, how much time they have, and how much access you want to grant them.

Analytics Dashboard

Report Builder for deep analysis

Dig deep into your data. Pull in, and play with, metrics from everywhere your brand appears — filtered exactly the way you like.

Advanced Analytics Functionality

Measuring your brand’s success takes many shapes and sizes but two of the most critical factors to analyze are how you compare to your competition, and how your conversions drive revenue.

Conversion Tracking

Understand your customer journey and conversion funnel

Yext’s Conversion Tracking helps tie real transactional dollars to each conversion, so you can understand how much of your brand’s revenue is truly generated from your clicks. Track your clicks and conversions to understand how many consumers are turning into happy customers. You have the flexibility to decide which customer actions constitute a conversion — whether that is placing an order, booking an appointment, or clicking for driving directions.

See how you stack up against the competition

Yext’s Competitive Intelligence helps you understand how your brand compares with your local competition — whether those be single location small businesses or large national chains — so that you can make informed business decisions and analyze ongoing campaigns.

Competitive Intelligence is made up of two components:

  • Search Tracker - See how you rank in intelligent search — and how your competition compares. Enter up to 5 competitors per location and Yext will run searches on your behalf, so you can see what customers see when they search for you. The Search Tracker will even automatically identify competitors who show up most frequently in those searches.
  • Reviews Competitive Intelligence - How do you know if 3.5 is a good rating or a bad rating if you don’t know how it compares to your local competitors? Track up to 5 competitors per location and how your average review ratings compare.
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