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Turtlehead Tacos is ready to start adding their data. They want to start with their restaurants so first they want to see what their flagship restaurant looks like before they upload their full file.

Your Challenge

  1. Create a new Restaurant Entity manually by navigating to Content and clicking on Add Data > Add Single Entity > Restaurant

    Name: Turtlehead Tacos
    Category: Mexican Restaurant
        Address Line 1: 1313 S. 1st Street
        City: Austin
        State/Region: TX
        Postal Code: 78704
    Phone: 5125559331
    Entity ID: 1

    it’s very important you use the right entity ID. That said, if you forget to do this you can edit the Entity ID after you create the entity on Entity Edit.

  2. Add a photo to the Photo Gallery field for the restaurant by using the “Enter URLs” option and inputting this URL:

  3. Create a new custom field called “Territory” to help Turtlehead Tacos team keep track of the entities by Territory. Add this to the “Internal Use Only” field group since it’s only meant for internal organization. Make sure this is added to both the Restaurant and Community Story types.

    • Name: Territory
    • API name: c_territory
    • Field Specification - type: Single-line text
    • Field Availability: Restaurant, Community Story
  4. Bulk edit the Restaurant and Community Story entities you have in the platform to have Territory value of “Texas”.

Module Assessment
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You must include a first name and last name in your profile to create challenge environments.
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Report Card
Create a new Restaurant entity with ID 1
Add a photo to Entity 1
Create the Territory custom field
Add all the new fields to the Restaurant entity type
Add all the new fields to the Community Story entity type
Bulk edit all entities so Territory field is Texas
Common Issues
Bulk editing all entities expand/collapse module

Make sure that you are selecting all of the right entities when you bulk edit. If there are more than 25 entities (or the number of results on the first page), make sure to click the blue link to select all entities when applicable.

bulk edit help

Make sure you spelled the field and API names exactly. expand/collapse module
You need to spell the field display names and API names exactly as specified in the challenge. This includes casing – if the challenge says to name a field “Title” you should name it “Title” and not “TITLE”.
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