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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • Why saved filters are important
  • Use cases for saved filters

Why Use Saved Filters

There are a number of reasons to use saved filters. They can be a very powerful tool when used correctly and can save you a significant amount of time. They are also a critical part of publishing for both Pages and Search — we’ll also revisit them in those modules but it’s important to understand how they work now. Unlike folders and labels, saved filters are dynamic and entities can go in and out of a saved filter as various criteria – like field data or service status – changes, which make them a critical tool in the Admin toolbox.

Bulk Editing or Bulk Exports

If you find yourself commonly filtering on the same entities to export or bulk edit, saved filters allow you to get to those queries easily.


You can also use saved searches to identify what entities should have licenses applied in order to publish a Page for them. For example, you may only want to publish Pages for live locations - you can create a saved search that excludes closed locations, and use that saved search whenever you are deciding which Pages to launch or take down.

In the Search config, you can define specific saved searches for each vertical that will restrict the entities that can appear in the search results.

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