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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • The basics of the Yext Knowledge Network and why it’s important
  • How Yext helps you manage your listings
  • How Yext’s Data Partnerships and Integrations Teams continuously expand and improve the Yext Knowledge Network

How Yext Helps you Manage Listings

At the heart of Yext is a single, powerful idea: namely, that businesses should be able to update the public facts about their brands once and publish it everywhere they desire with a single click.

Yext Knowledge Network: Breadth, Speed, and Accuracy

Yext’s Knowledge Network delivers on that promise via direct integrations with more than 170 global maps, apps, search engines, voice assistants, directories, and social networks that put you in definitive control of your brand everywhere customers search. Yext’s Knowledge Network is the best Listings management service globally because of its breadth, speed, and accuracy.


The number of publishers that Yext integrates with combined with depth of technology powering our integrations is what sets us apart from any other Listings solution. We not only have over 170 publishers across a wide range of publisher types — ranging from the largest search engines to verticalized or localized directories — but each integration is also customized to the publisher’s unique requirements. Given the number of publishers that you can definitively power your listings on, the Yext platform provides unmatched breadth to manage your listings.

Knowledge Network


Our integrations also provide you with unparalleled speed when it comes to managing your listings. Yext Listings can sync to an existing listing, or in cases where you don’t have a listing, will create a listing on every publisher in the Yext Knowledge Network. In addition to your listings going live, updates you make to your data in Yext reflect across the majority of publishers in the Knowledge Network in real-time. Whether it’s a store closing, a professional leaving your organization, a natural disaster, a last minute event location change, or a change in your hours for the holidays, Yext’s integrations enable brands to update their information with speed and scale.


Yext provides you the confidence that third-party sites will reflect the most accurate and up-to-date information about your brand. Despite the fact that many publishers use a variety of different sources to collect information, the data stored in Yext is viewed as the source of truth for businesses and will often take precedence over data that is collected elsewhere. Providing your customers with accurate information is critical to your customer experience, Yext helps you to achieve that accuracy.

Yext’s Data Partnerships and Integration Teams

Part of what makes Yext Listings so powerful are the Yext teams and the work they do to strengthen our Knowledge Network integrations, notably the Data Partnerships and Integration Teams.

Yext’s Data Partnerships team is a global team dedicated to identifying new publishers to integrate with and broadening existing relationships. Yext is often the single biggest direct provider of business information to our publishers in the world.

In many cases, Yext’s Data Partnerships team has negotiated exclusive access to features, like analytics, review response, or fields that are otherwise not editable for businesses on a particular publisher. The Data Partnerships team is your brand’s voice to the publishers. The team serves as a bridge, listening to customer feedback and engaging with publishers to build out or test new features based on the latest trends.

In addition to the Data Partnerships team, Yext also has dedicated Integration & Operations teams for each publisher. This team is responsible for keeping our integrations up-to-date as new features become available, monitoring for any API or processing errors, and escalating any issues with technical contacts at each publisher. Due to the scale of listings managed, Yext is able to identify publisher issues immediately and help to make sure that publishers address these quickly. This team is responsible for being your brand’s advocate to our publishers.

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