Adding and Removing Locations | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • How to go through the assign license flow
  • How to unassign licenses
  • An overview of our closed store recommendations


As businesses change, we know locations open, and close. This module will walk you through the process of both assigning licenses to push additional entities live on Listings, as well as the process of unassigning licenses to remove entities from listings.

Assign Services Flow

As you add entities to the account, you will need to assign licenses to launch these new entities on the relevant Yext products.

To assign entity licenses, navigate to Content. From here, select the checkboxes next to all of the entities you want to apply the license to.

Then, click on the More Actions button and select Add Services.

add services dropdown

Because you are launching location listings, you will select the Subscriptions option and click Continue.

subscriptions option

Then select the appropriate Listings subscription.

listings subscription

Unassign Services Flow

As we mentioned in the previous unit, removing services from a location is one way to stop syncing that entity to Listings.

To unassign licenses and remove services from an entity, navigate to Content. From here, select the checkbox next to the entity you want to unassign the license from.

Then, click on the More Actions button and select Remove Services.

Because you are removing location listings, you will select the Subscriptions option and click Continue.

From here, you will enter a flow to provide additional information including:

  1. Is the selected entity permanently closed?
  • If yes:

    • We will ask you if you want to update the business hours or flag the entities as closed. This helps keep your customers aware of this change.
    • We will then ask you if you would like to keep closed entities on service for some period of time to ensure your customers know this entity is closed. We recommend this, see below for additional details on our recommendations for permanent store closures.
  • If no, your entity is not permanently closed:

    • You may select a specific license to remove, or remove all services for the selected entity.

Once you answer the questions, you can choose to remove all services associated to the entity, or just certain services.

unassign license flow

Lastly, select when you would like to remove services. You can select either Now or At a later date. If you select At a later date, specify the date on which the services should be removed. Services will be removed between 12:00 - 2:00 AM ET on the selected date.

scheduling licenese unassignment

Once you make your selection, click Continue and then Confirm to confirm your license unassignment.

Closed Store Recommendations

We recommend keeping services for a closed entity and scheduling services to be removed at a later date. This allows you to update the entity with some of the following information. Such as:

  • Marking the entity as ‘Closed’ in Yext — this will push an update to publisher sites to mark the location as closed.
  • Update your business hours to closed
  • Update your business name and description to indicate the closure.
  • Updating the Website to link to a main corporate page, instead of the page for the specific location that is closed.

For more details on how to take these steps, visit the How to Close a Location Help Article.

As a whole, we recommend keeping closed locations on an active subscription for 6 months. This allows enough time for the search engines to make the necessary updates, and for the listings to fall out of the SERP.

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