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  • How to launch event listings

How to Sync Features

Since Events Sync doesn’t require the time-consuming Searching & Matching step, you can actually manage these on your own, no matter what size of business you are.

Launch a Single Event

To get started, navigate to the Event entity you want to launch in the Yext Content. On the right hand side of the page you’ll see a module for Feature Packs. By clicking Manage Feature Packs, you’ll have the option to add the Event Listings feature pack to your Event. Choose the publishers you would like to sync your Event to and click Push Live to start syncing your Events.

manage feature packs

Launch Multiple Events at Once

Alternatively, you can also manage your Event Listings feature pack across multiple Events at once. From Content, select the Events you would like to launch on Listings. In the More Actions dropdown, click the option to Add Feature Packs. Continue to Add Feature Pack and select Event Listings. From there, you have the ability to choose which publishers you would like to sync your Events to. Once you have reviewed the Event Listings, you can click Process Changes to complete the launch and start syncing your events.

Note that some Event publishers including Facebook and Eventbrite required a Linked Account in order to publish the event to that site. For these Listings you will need to make sure to link the account first, and then select the correct account during the Events Listings Launch flow.

event listings

How to exclude Publishers

You might decide that you don’t want to sync a specific Event or all Events on a given publisher. That’s not a problem!

When you add the Event Listings feature pack to your Event entity, you will have the option to select which publishers you want to sync your Event to. Simply unselect any publishers you do not wish to sync to.

event listings unselected

You will always have the option to start syncing your Event on these excluded publishers at a later date. From Content, select the Events you would like to sync and click Add Feature Pack from the More Actions drop-down. Choose Turn Features On from Existing Feature Packs and edit which publishers you wish to sync your events to. You can add new publishers to launch your Events on or remove publishers to stop actively syncing your data to certain publishers.

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