Adding and Removing Events | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • How to manage past events
  • How to delete events

Adding Events

Adding new events is exactly like launching your first ones! The only step you might be able to skip is authentication if you’ve already linked the desired account.

What happens after the Event?

Once an event has passed, Yext will automatically remove the feature pack 7 days after the event end date. If you want to re-assign the feature pack sooner, you can manually remove the feature pack from the event and re-assign the feature pack to a future event.

Once a feature pack is removed, the event listings will automatically come down from the site in whichever way the publisher supports removal. Some publishers will fully delete the event listing, while others will hide the event listing from search/public discovery to prevent consumers from stumbling across a past event listing.

How to Delete an Event Listing

If you have to cancel your event or you decide you want to take your event listing down from a certain site, you can always remove your listing with Yext.

Click Listings in the navigation bar and click Events, then select the listings you want to delete. From the More Actions drop-down, select Delete Event. This will delete your listing on the publisher site and remove that publisher feature from your event. If you want to add your listing back at a later date, you can always re-add the publisher feature by going through the Add Feature Pack flow.

Note that not all publishers support the delete functionality. If the publisher does not support deleting Listings, we will only remove the publisher feature.

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