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  • What can be found on the Listings Overview screen

What is the Listings Overview Screen

The Listings Overview screen is the main view when you land on the Listings tab. It’s designed to be the one-stop-shop if you only have a couple minutes per day to review your Listings.

Listings Overview Screen

Actionable Tasks

At the top of the screen, you’ll find your Actionable Tasks, which includes Fix Listings and Get Live Modules to help fix any actionable unavailable listings, as well as Data Suggestions and Possible Duplicates. You’ll learn more about unavailable listings in the Listings Statuses module. Your goal should be to make sure that these queues are empty at any given time to maximize your results with Listings.

Actionable Listings Tasks

Listing Statuses

In the middle of the screen, you’ll see a summary of your Listings by status and publisher. This is your rolled up view, but you can always navigate to the Listings tab to see this listing by listing. You can also click on a specific publisher’s logo to see a breakdown of listing statuses for this specific publisher. We recommend checking this for any abnormalities.

Location Listing Statuses


We’ve curated what we consider to be the most important insights for Listings at the bottom of the screen. Here you can see things like customer engagement and clicks. You’ll want to make sure these are trending in the right direction and, if not, work with your Customer Success Manager to think about how to improve your performance.

Location Listing Analytics Overview

Best Practices

We recommend checking this screen at least once a week, if not every day, to check on any actionable tasks, listing status changes, or analytics fluctuations.

If you don’t have time, you can also have things like Listings Issues and Analytics dashboards notifications emailed to you on a recurring basis via our Notifications system.

To learn more about creating notifications visit the Notifications module.

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