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Types of Suppression

Different publishers respond differently when Yext notifies them about a duplicate listing we’ve discovered. Some publishers offer Redirect suppression which causes any users that visit the suppressed duplicate to be automatically redirected to the correct, main listing. Other publishers will remove the duplicate listing from search, which causes any users that visit the suppressed duplicate to see a 404 error page. In this case, the publisher will also remove that suppressed listing from their site’s search results greatly reducing the chance any user can visit the page.

You will see the type of suppression outlined in the platform, for example, the suppression will be marked with a type, and you will see the type and the corresponding description:

  • Redirect: If the suppressed URL is requested, the browser will be redirected to the correct listing.
  • Remove From Search: The listing no longer appears in search results but the URL may still show the suppressed listing.
  • Search Page: When customers visit the URL of the suppressed listing, they are redirected to a search for related listings.
  • Not Found: Visiting the suppressed URL will give a “page not found” error.

suppression types

All Suppression Types are effective

While the methods of suppression seem very different, all are sufficient in solving the issues surrounding duplicate listings. Customers will hardly ever visit a duplicate listing, main listings rise in search results, and analytics and user generated content all go to the right place.

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