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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • How social posting works
  • Which Listings support posts
  • How you can create posts and post approval workflows

Overview of Posting

Posting allows you to connect and engage with your customers interactively on publishers like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, & Apple. Delivering relevant, curated content to consumers is critical to a brand experience.

On the Post page you can view existing posts from your Listings, including users generated posts and posts made from outside of the Yext platform.

In order to start posting, you will navigate to Listings and click on Post. From here you’ll be able to:

  • Post to Sites: You can create a post on a site or post to multiple sites
  • View Posts: We will pull in all posts for your visibility, even if you didn’t post from the Yext platform. This allows you to see what’s happening everywhere from one dashboard.
  • Filter Posts: You can filter based on things like Entity, Site, or Author.
  • Delete Posts: You can delete a post, even if not posted from Yext.
  • Comment on Posts: You can comment on posts directly from the dashboard.
  • View Post Analytics: You can see post-level engagement like likes or shares.

For all posting sites, you will need to complete the authorization flow via OAuth (as described in the Authentication & Linked Accounts unit of the Listings Sync Process Module .

Tips & Tricks

There are a few additional features that might help make your posting experience even easier.

Want to let your users post pre-approved content? You can add photo Assets that can be used for social posting. If you want the asset to only be used for social posting, make sure to only select Social Posting in the Usage field on an asset.

Social Posting Approvals

If you want to empower users to respond to posts, but you want to make sure any posts go through an approvals workflow first, you can enable Social Approvals.

Much like content approvals, you will want to make sure that the user has the appropriate permission (“Social Post with Approval”) and that you or other Admin-like users have the permission to administer Post Approvals (“Manage Social Post Approvals”).

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