Updating Content on Language Profiles | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • How to manage content on language profiles
  • Best practices for managing content for multiple languages


This unit is going to be short – updating content for alternate language profiles is really just the same as updating content for a primary profile as you learned all about in Ways to Update Data in Yext ! The only difference is that now your updates are dimensioned not just by Entity but by Entity+Language.

  • Update data manually in single or bulk edit: This works the same as it does when you have a single profile, except that you need to toggle to which profile you want to update using the Languages module

  • Add the data via Template: As you learned in the Entity Templates module , you can use templates to help manage your content at scale. These are most handy for default or seasonal content. Optionally, you can set a template to be scoped to only a specific language so that the template can only be applied to your profiles in that language. If you don’t set a language, the content can be applied to any language profile.

template language

  • Upload your data using the Entity Upload: You can upload content on alternate profiles by including a “Profile Language” column with the language code. If a profile doesn’t already exist for the language code specified, it will create a new profile. (Remember that the entities must exist to add an alternate profile!).

sample multi-language spreadsheet

  • Update Your Data via API: You can update any language profile via the Entities API. You can learn more about this in our API Documentation .

  • Update Your Data via App Directory: You can use our App Directory to help with the translation of and updates to your content! We have apps like our Smartling App where you can configure data to be sent to your Smartling account for translation and automatically sent back into Yext Content once the translation is complete (based on your Smartling settings).

  • Update Your Data using Assets: When you’re adding assets, you can choose whether those assets are scoped to a specific profile language or not. By default, assets are set to language “none” but if you only want an asset to be selectable by a user while editing a specific profile language you can set that by modifying the Language setting. Assets can only be scoped to “none” or a single language.

Best Practices

The more content you have to manage, the more complicated it can get. Our advice - try to keep it simple and use the tools you have at your disposal to make things even easier.

We recommend that you:

  • Think carefully about what content needs to be overridable vs. language specific to minimize duplication of work
  • Use our App Directory to help you translate the content with apps like Smartling
  • Use our APIs to connect to any existing content that you have or your translation provider. You can set up integrations so that when content is added or modified in your primary language, it automatically gets sent to your translation provider and then pushed back to Yext Content once that translation is ready.
  • Don’t stress about having every single word translated into every language. As we’ll cover in the product-specific modules, you don’t need to have all entity types, entities or fields surfaced in your Pages or Search experiences, especially not off the bat. For example, if you have 100 FAQs in English but only 30 are translated to Spanish – that’s totally fine, start with those 30 FAQs and if you have time later you can add Spanish profiles for the remaining 70 profiles and add in the translated content.
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